Distilled Tall Oil

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(Specifications TU 13-00281074-26-95)

Distilled tall oil is a brown oily liquid, it is transparent at 80°C.
The components of distilled tall oil are fatty acids, rosin acids and unsaponifiables.
Application: distilled tall oil is used in paint and varnish industry as well as for flotation.

Composition and Properties of Distilled Tall Oil

Properties First GradeSpecs. TU13-00281074-26-95 Product
min max average
Appearance Oily Liquid Transparent at 800C
Color, not darker than 80 20 80 50
Acid number, mg КОН per 1 g of product, not less than 170 179 191 187
Saponification number, mg КОН per 1 g of product, not less than 175 186 195 190
Rosin Acids, %, not more than 30 6 20 11
Unsaps, %, not more than 6 3 6 4
Moisture, %, not more than traces absence traces traces

Distilled tall oil is handled in steel tank cars provided with steam jacket.
Guarantee shelf life is 4 months from the date of production.