Crude Tall Oil

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Crude tall oil is a viscous oily liquid with unpleasant rancid odor of brown and dark brown color.
Crude tall oil is a natural blend of resin and fatty acids, neutral and oxidized substances. Oil composition depends on wood species when cooking the sulfate pulp.
Resin acids are high-molecular unsaturated acids of cyclic structure. Main acids are abietic and pimaric ones. Fatty acids are high-molecular, mainly unsaturated carboxylic acids of linear structure with different unsaturation degree. Main acids are oleinic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and their isomers. There is also a dash of saturated acids such as palmic acid, stearic acid and so on.
Unsaponifiable substances are aliphatic hydrocarbons, terpenic compounds, phenols and others.
Tall oil is insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents, non-toxic.


Properties min max value
Density is 940 980 kg/m3 when the temperature is 20oС
Thermal capacity is 1,6 1,9 kJ/kg oК when 20-100oС
Boiling point is 180 230 oС when 5 mm Hg (mercury column).
Viscosity is 4,5 8,0 Pa*s
Flash point 162 221 oС
Ignition point is 215 230 oС
Spontaneous ignition temperature (self-ignition temperature) 304 331 oС

Chemical Tall Oil and Сrude Тall Oil are grades of the produced crude tall oil.

Crude tall oil is used for tall oil rosin production (grades ChTO, СТO I class), fatty tall oil acids production, distilled tall oil production, for flotation enrichment.