Newsprint paper

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The newsprint paper is made of bisulfate pulp, mechanical wood pulp, and also addition of sulphate bleached softwood pulp.

The production technology of fiber corresponds to technologies of foreign producers that provide to let-out newsprint a high level of quality. Production is certified on the voluntary basis. Newsprint roll paper Brands V, O, OE, A, B Mass of m²: from 42 to 48,8 grams. Roll wide: 42 cm, 59,4 cm, 84 cm, 126 cm, 168 cm ( on request of consumers newsprint production in rolls of other width is possible). Diameter of a roll: from 85 to 125 cm.

Newsprint paper intends for printing on high-speed newspaper units of the newspapers containing the text, shaped and raster black-and-white and color illustration. Newsprint thin Mass of m²: from 38 to 43 grams. Diameter of a roll: from 85 to 125 cm. Newsprint intends for printing of newspapers and other editions by offset and other ways of printing.