Tall Oil Rosin

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(GOST 14201 – 83)

Tall oil rosin (C20 H30 O2) is a composition of rosin acids and isomers.
Application: tall oil rosin is intended for use in pulp and paper, paint and varnish, rubber, chemical and other industries.

Composition and Properties of Tall Oil Rosin

Properties Extra GradeGOST 14201-83 Product
min max appearance
Transparent Partial crystallizing
Ash , % , not more than 0,03 0,01 0,03 0,015
Color Wg Wg X WW
Mechanical agents, %, not more than 0,03 0,01 0,03 0.015
Softening point, 0 C, not less than 60 61 67 64
Acid number, mg of КОН per 1 g of product, not less than 165 172 181 175
Unsaponifiable matter %, not more than 5 2 5 3,4

Tall oil rosin is handled in 200-liter galvanized steel drums and in stainless tank cars with electric heating. Guarantee shelf life is one year from the date of production.